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Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race - April 3, 2015

The 2015 edition of the Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race will be the sixty seventh time the race has been held. The race will start at 1100hours on 3rd April. 

The Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race website is currently undergoing maintenance work. During this period, interested skippers may download the Notice of Race and complete the Application for Entry by following the links below.


Notice of Race


Application for Entry form


HF Radios are no longer required

The 2015 race will be run as a Yachting Australia Special Regulations Category Two race. However, in a significant variation to the regulations, all yachts will be allowed to use Sat Phones in lieu of an HF radio. Moreover, the phone does not need to be permanently installed as was the case in last years Brisbane to Keppel race which means you can simply hire it along with your EPIRBS and Life Rafts.Naturally, those boats already equipped with HF radios can continue to use these and all boats will still need to carry out Skeds.Appendix B of the NOR contains more information.

Short Handed Category

For the first time in the Brisbane to Gladstone, a Short Handed category is being offered. This pioneering step has been welcomed by a number of potential entrants and will make an interesting extra dimension to the fleet.

Cruising & Classic Category

The Cruising Division of old is gone, may it rest in peace. In its place is an all new Cruising & Classic Category.It is shiny, new and just a little bit different.The Category will be scored on a Time on Time modified handicap system which will encompass bonus and penalty points.Boats will nominate the times they will be passing certain co-ordinates and, should they wish, will be allowed to use the engine and auto-pilot. However, the handicapping and penalty points will provide substantial incentive to sail all the way.It is envisaged that a number of races within the race will develop as the different strategies unfold; boats that sail all the way will need to accurately predict the weather patterns in advance to pinpoint when they will pass set co-ordinates, others may elect a strategy of selective engine use to meet their nominated times and a few may simply cruise to Gladstone just for the experience. Once entries have been finalised the OA will nominate divisions within the category to reflect possible strategies and yacht age.So who is this Category for? It is ideal for Classic boats who only do one offshore race a year, first timers who want to limit the cost of their first Category Two race, more ‘relaxed’ crew that like the idea that if it all gets too slow they can turn the engine on and still remain in the race, sail training boats, in fact anyone who want to be involved with this iconic event.The OA recognises that many boats that enter this Category will be once a year Ocean cruise/race participants. Therefore, additional ways in which to prove stability for this Category have been introduced. It is important to note that these methods do not in any way reduce the level of stability required to comply with Category Two of the Yacht Australia Special Regulations; they simply provide alternative methods over and above an ORCi certificate or ISO Design Category. Full details of these stability regulations can be found in Appendix A of the NOR.Couple this with no longer needed an expensive HF radio to be installed and this Category offers the best opportunity in twenty years to get involved with the Brisbane to Gladstone at a reasonable cost.

How to Enter

The entry process has changed for 2015 in an effort to simplify the process.

The first step is the Application to Enter. The Application to Enter collects basic information on the yacht and crew. No documents other than a photo need to be uploaded. If you have entered the Race in the last four years the process should be quick and painless.

The second step is the full Entry form and supporting documentation. This form will be sent to you once your Application to Enter has been accepted. The majority of this form will be pre-populated for you so your main task will be to provide all the paperwork (or find someone else to do it!).

The final step is your crew details. This can be done either via an online form which the crew can complete themselves or, if you have your crew details already, via a correctly formatted spread sheet.

Those of you that like to use TopYacht will be interested to know that we have once again discussed with the TopYacht creator its use for the entry process. However, after due consideration, the decision has been made to wait until the second generation version is released. This is scheduled for later in the year but will be too late for the 2015 race.




Organised and Hosted by the Queensland Cruising Yacht Club 

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