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Entries received for the 2016 Brisbane to Gladstone are listed here. Click on the Boat Name for more information.


  Yacht Skipper Sail Number Yacht Design Club Categories
Apriori Trevor Hill 4190 Farr 11.6 NCYC PHRF Shorthanded
B52 Daniel Farmer B52 Sydney 41 RQYS IRC, PHRF
Bad Habits Barry Thompson MB643 Jeanneau SO 36i MBTBC PHRF
Black Jack Mark Bradford 52570 Juan K RQYS IRC, PHRF
Carbon Credits Trevor Bailey 6669 Beneteau RQYS IRC, ORCi, PHRF
Comes a Time Shane McKay RQ32 Sydney 32 RQYS ORCi, PHRF
Corrobboree Robbo Robertson 9501 Lyon/Robertson RQYS/MYC IRC, ORCi, PHRF, Veteran
Dekadence Stephen Kerin RQ432 DK46 RQYS IRC, ORCi, PHRF
Dolce Pierre Gal 9550 Inglis 47 Mod
Flying Colours 2 Doug Cavaye 5632 Cavalier 350 RQYS IRC, PHRF, Veteran
Frantic Brian Pozzey M161 Sayer 11.9 RQYS IRC, ORCi, PHRF
Grafitti Steve Darx F250 Steinmann 13.7 TCBYC PHRF Shorthanded
Hasta La Vista Mark Jacobsen M25 Sydney 38 SCYC IRC, ORCi, PHRF
Helen of Troy Michael Date 2855 Currawong 30 TVSC PHRF, Veteran, Cruising
Jazz Sam Johnson 382 Dufour 365 Grand Large WMYC ORCi, PHRF
Kerumba Tam Faragher RQ5050 Ker RQYS IRC
Lady Helena Ben Stark B51 Benetau 44.7 WMSC PHRF
Marriah Peter Holm RQ809 Roper 57 QCYC PHRF, Veteran, Cruising
Mayfair James Irvine W1424 Beneteau First 40 RQYS ORCi
Mr Kite Andrew Northcott 6522 Cape 40 RQYS IRC, PHRF
Quest Steve North 9090 Nelson Marek 43 MYC IRC, PHRF
Redjam Blair Harrison SA388 Young 88 WMSC ORCi, PHRF, Veteran
Restless John Ibell PC100 Cape 35 PCSC IRC, ORCi
Runaway Drew Carruthers B101 Sayer 11 RQYS ORCi, PHRF
Samurai Jack Michael Lazzarini 88888 Farr 39 ml QCYC PHRF Shorthanded
Sassy Phillip Lazzarini H188 Walker 11m QCYC IRC, PHRF, Veteran
She Philip Bell 4924 Olson 40 SYC PHRF
South Passage     Rick James WMYC Cruising
The Fat Controller Cameron Pryce AUS6508 Farr 40 OD KBSC IRC, ORCi, PHRF
Tybo Bob Barron ME41 Adams 11.9 QCYC  
Wistari Scott Patrick PC8 Patrick PCSC IRC, ORCi, PHRF, Veteran


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