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Crew wanted and available

Crew Wanted

Crew are wanted on board the following boats:

Boat Notes
B52 Experience required.
Redjam Experience required
South Passage No experience required. Cost is $1000. See here for details


Crew Available

Potential crew members that have submitted their details to the Organising Authority are listed below.

Name Email Phone Details
Dale Coward dale.coward ATgmail DOTcom

0418 484 530


Qualifications and experience: - 59 years of age - Approx 2,500 sea miles - Qualified unrestricted Coxswain; -Senior First Aid, MROCP; - Watch leader on sail training vessel South Passage; - skipper for VMR; - done quite a few Qld coastal deliveries as crew (but usually just 2-handed), on monos and cats,; - Hobart to Sydney delivery on 50ft mono; (40 kt winds and 5m seas); - dont get seasick, not afraid of heights, can cook (basic), very good at identifying problems and fixing things on board; - fit and healthy; - can leave Gladstone soon after South Passage gets in (after cleanup/debrief etc)


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